Dave Kavanagh

Dave Kavanagh is a writer and publisher based in Dublin, Ireland. His work is widely published both in print and online. As well as writing, Kavanagh is passionate about growing food in a sustainable manner and when he is not at his desk writing, he manages a large home garden where he grows vegetables and fruit for his extended family. The Tangle Box is his first novel. He is working feverishly on a second.

The Tangle Box by Dave Kavanagh

The Tangle Box by Dave Kavanagh

Series: Fiction

A story you will never forget:

At the centre of this novel is a suppressed memory of the day Maria and Caroline O'Neill disappeared. In returning to his childhood home, Dan O'Neill attempts to recall what happened there and the consequences that followed.

At its heart, The Tangle Box is a story of hope and triumph, that has captivated its early readers. One reviewer said of it, 'once started, I couldn't put this book down.' 

The Tangle Box is a tightly written debut, narrated in first person by the protagonist and takes us on a journey that begins on a day when Dan O'Neill heard a scream and saw blood, but beyond that, he remembers nothing.



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