Dominic Fisher

Born in Frome in Somerset, and growing up on a hill just south of Bath, Dominic went to secondary school in Bristol, and wrote poems and climbed trees instead of playing football. After falling off his bike a lot he studied Keats and Coleridge, the blues and psychedelia, the repeal of the Corn Laws, and William Turner. Then Aberystwyth University unwisely let him in to study Art and English. For a time he lived on on the Dyfi estuary in a green railway carriage with a dog called Biggles. In an attempt at adulthood he trained to teach, though continued writing.

His first teaching job was in Turkey, in a munitions factory in Kirrikale then in Ankara. He left in 1980 just in time to miss a coup d’etat but catch an attempted one in Spain. While this was happening he met his wife, a New Zealander, in a small town near Barcelona. She reads his poems to this day. The couple moved to the Bristol area and between them produced a Bristolian who achieved adulthood more convincingly than Dominic did. On their allotment (heavy clay, hard work but fertile) they see foxes, goldfinches in the summer, and sometimes a sparrowhawk. All these creatures get into the poems along with the leeks and beans.

Dominic is widely published in magazines including Poetry Ireland Review, Poetry Salzburg Review, Magma, Brittle Star, Raceme, South Bank Poetry, The Interpreter’s House, and Under the Radar and a poem has also been broadcast on BBC Radio 4.

Dominic won the international Bristol Poetry Prize 2018,

The Ladies and Gentlemen of the Dead by Dominic Fisher

The Ladies and Gentlemen of the Dead by Dominic Fisher

Series: Poetry
Tag: Poetry

This collection of poems explores ways the living and the dead meet – for lunch , in an artwork, on an allotment plot, in the city. We meet poets, artists and others engaged in the struggles and contradictions of their own times, and encounter challenges from our own.

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