Frances Thimann

Frances Thimann grew up up in Sherwood, Nottingham, and now lives there permanently, after many years living in London, and some time working abroad.

She has been writing for several years, mostly short stories. Her collection ‘Cello and Other Stories’ was published by Pewter Rose Press in 2008. These eight pieces focus on the theme of old age, as perceived directly by those at the end of their lives, and indirectly by their families and others around them. One of the pieces in this collection, ‘Shells’ received the Society of Authors’ ALCS Tom-Gallon award in 2017. The second collection, ‘November Wedding’ was published in 2012 also by Pewter Rose.  ‘A Change of Direction’, a chapbook published in 2019 with Mantle Lane Press describes how several very different individuals manage to deal with trauma and loss and find a way forward.

Frances completed the MA in Creative Writing at Nottingham Trent University in 2006, and more recently was asked to contribute a piece to their 25th anniversary anthology. This piece was ‘The Clock Museum’…

The stories in this collection concern ideas to do with words and communication – with writing itself, with books, signs, and meaning, though in a broad and general way. 

Frances studied music originally, and although she never became a professional musician, is interested in the differing aspects of time and narrative in words and in music – in the different ideas of story and structure, rhythm and repetition, and the general description of character, of love or grief, or of natural features such as wind or water.

Perhaps these ideas will form the basis of a future collection…

The Clock Museum and Other Stories by Frances Thimann

The Clock Museum and Other Stories by Frances Thimann

Series: Fiction
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In The Clock Museum and other stories, words, stories and books weave like smoke in and around the lives of a wonderful cast of characters. With sometimes life-affirming and sometimes tragic outcomes, these sensitive and insightful stories combine into a beautiful collection that will delight all readers of finely-crafted literature.

-Andy Christopher Miller

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