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  • Praise The Unburied by Clara Burghelea

    Drum roll please!

    Chaffinch press are delighted to announce the imminent arrival of Clara Burghelea’s second collection of poetry.
    Praise The Unburied lands October 2021.

    What advance readers have said about Praise The Unburied

    Praise the Unburied proves “there are no rooms in our bodies without ghosts.” We move through achy poems of yesterdays during the Romanian Communist regime and warm memories of family where each day “peels off like dry shallot”. We see best days and mother love with a long-held mother smell “all honeycomb, vinegar and exhaustion.” Clara Burghelea leads us through residues of language, womanhood, seasonal breezes and salty places—tasting with all our senses.

    – Lauren Camp, author of Took House 

    Located in the limbo between lands and languages, Clara Burghelea’s poems evoke the tension between lyric and time. While the poems enact a sort of seamless continuity, one senses the continuous rupture between place and self as words move across maps, holding together a family, seeking reunification of both woman, daughter, wife, and ancestor. The interior landscape of displacement is sensual, sinuous, relentless.

    – Alina Ștefănescu, author of DOR