Commitment to Authors.

As a Hybrid Publisher, Chaffinch Press 

  1. Have a clearly defined vision for its publishing program. 
    Work selected by our editors reflects the interests and values of the press which include a passion for poetry and literary fiction and a belief in the right of emerging voices to be heard.
  2. Vetting of submissions. 
    Chaffinch Press vets all submissions, publishing only those titles that are compatible with the mission and vision of the press and are presented by authors who we believe will work in partnership with the press to take there work to an audience. 
  3. Publish under our own imprint and ISBNs. Despite its limitations, Chaffinch is a true publishing house, with a publisher and a publishing team developing and distributing books using its own imprint(s) and ISBNs.
  4. Meeting industry standards. Chaffinch Press accept full responsibility for the quality of the titles it publishes. Books released by the press will be on par with traditionally published books in terms of adherence to industry standards.
  5. Ensuring print, design, and production quality. Chaffinch Press takes responsibility for publishing books that are designed, and produced to a professional degree. This includes assigning editors to work with authors on developmental editing, copyediting, and proofreading, as needed, as well as following traditional standards for a professionally designed book. All editors and designers used by Caffinch Press are publisher approved.
  6. Pursue and manage a range of publishing rights. Chaffinch Press will normally publish in print format first, and later, for books that have a quantifiable market, digital formats will be produced. From time to time, Chaffinch Press will either assist the author to, or pursues other rights on the presses behalf, in order to reach the widest possible readership. Chaffinch Press authors may negotiate to keep their subsidiary rights, such as film, foreign language, audio, and other derivative rights.
  7. Provide distribution services. Chaffinch Press has a strategic approach to distribution rather than just making books available for purchase via online retailers. Chaffinch Press market through Ingram Services and negotiate with other distributors on a case by case basis. We do develop, with each author, a marketing and sales strategy for each book we publish, inclusive of appropriate sales channels for that book, and we provide ongoing assistance to the authors seeking to execute that strategy in order to get his or her book in front of its target audience. 
  8. Demonstrate respectable sales. Chaffinch Press is a new entrant to the publishing industry established in 2020. However, our team emerged from the success of The Blue Nib which demonstrated reasonable sales in its niche and continues to do so. We acknowledge that poetry and literary fiction is a difficult space to be in, but we continue to find new and innovative ways to work with authors to market their work and their brand.
  9. Rewarding authors who back themselves. Chaffinch Press believe in rewarding authors who back their own work. Authors are entitled to purchase books from the press at cost and royalty payments on print and digital books are paid at between 20% and 60% net.



  1. It is recommended that work submitted to the press has already had a copy and proof edit, you can find a list of reasonable costed solutions on our services for writers page.
    Chaffinch Press use external editors, so where there is extensive work to be done on a manuscript, the author will be asked to either undertake the work themselves or send the work to one of our press approved editor at their own cost. 

  2. Chaffinch Press market via distributors. We do not have an in-house sales force and rely very much on the author of each book to become involved with their own marketing, this will include organising launches and promotions. We also suggest that authors canvass book shops in their local area and beyond. In all such undertakings, the press will offer support where it is required. 

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