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Information For Authors

Chaffinch Press recognises the difficulty facing emerging working writers in having their work seriously considered by established publishing houses and even many of the smaller independent ones. To overcome this obstacle for writers, Chaffinch Press was created as a hybrid partnership model for new authors.

Our mission is to recognise and promote literary talent, empower authors and producing high-quality, market-facing books for an international audience.

In most aspects, Chaffinch function like any traditional publisher, but because our focus is on breakthrough and emerging authors we may on occasion ask authors to carry some of the risk, and we do not pay an advance on royalties. We do however pay royalties well above industry average on books sold.

Akin to traditional publishing, Chaffinch Press invest money and resources only in manuscripts we believe in and shepherd them through every step of the publishing process, from production to marketing, just like any major press.

Standards at Chaffinch Press
In 2018, the Independent Book Publishers Association published comprehensive criteria clearly defining what a reputable hybrid publisher should look like. This established a clear set of standards any author can use to vet the companies on their shortlist. According to the IBPA’s published criteria, a hybrid publisher must:

  • Define a mission and vision for its publishing program. That is: their selection criteria goes beyond just “the author was willing to pay us.”
  • Vet submissions. That is, selecting work on merit rather than publishing anything that lands on their desk.
  • Publish under its own imprint(s) and ISBNs. Translation: They are financially invested in their endeavour and their back catalog is transparent to future authors.
  • Publish to industry standards. That is: To publish in accordance with standard and conventions.
  • Ensure editorial, design, and production quality. That is: To ensure editorial and design work is of a good standard.
  • Pursue and manage a range of publishing rights. That is: To have a vested interest in the success of the books they select to publish — not just publish it and forget it.
  • Provide distribution services. That is: To actively work to market your book and make it available to the widest market possible.
  • Demonstrate respectable sales. That is: To have a reasonable track record of selling books in their catalogue.
  • Pay authors a higher-than-standard royalty. That is: To offer the author who has invested in their book, a better than industry return on their sold work.

To see how Chaffinch Press commit to these principle, see our commitment to authors page
To submit to Chaffinch Press, please see our submission guidelines