Maria Straw Çinar reads from ‘Girl’


Girl is a coming of age, well crafted poetic masterpiece: Maria Straw-Cinar a talented contemporary novelist captures your heart from the first sentence to the last. We are all in this together – We shall all come through this together and this pain, at the loss of innocence too, will pass:

1) Structure is poetic yet not so surreal you can’t follow – short episodic chapters a delight.
2) The narrators voice is cool and benevolent and objective
3) Themes and issues of gravitas and sometimes horror still have belly warmth
4) immediate vivid scene setting – strong robust characters
5) Appropriate journey story but with truly visceral pains, twists, turns, crosscuts.
6) Increased pace and frenzied build to gory climax
7) A relinquished ending-a vindicated ending. An ending of true compassion.

Wrapped and interwoven with finely spun gossamer words of beauty -Widely culturally referenced –
A seminal feminist work of Art.

We wait with bated breath for the next instalment on this amazing Woman’s “Road to Damascus”.

Reviewed by:
Director of Creative Women UK
Rosie Wall

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