The Rain Girl

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Lusty, gutsy, pensive, these poems ruminate and celebrate, mourn and question. No topic is taboo as Boehm dances through heirlooms and ancestors, past water dragon and phoenix, as she traverses the horrors of war and the hungry ghosts of wayward children. Boehm’s depth and breadth come from a lifetime that crossed continents, bursting with a nimbleness of wordplay possible only when the writer is at home in several languages. “The Rain Girl” showers us with intelligence and the sharp observations of inner and outer truths. She takes us to “the hard edges of the stony folds / where the softer rock has pulled back / like receding gums” and “into our own / prisons with the scent / of the secret of joy. “ The view is gentle at times, affectionate, at others belligerent, simmering or fuming. Boehm’s years on the edge of the film industry add a spectator’s sensibility to images such that she can capture and squeeze something so expertly that before you realize, it has popped in your face. These poems will linger in your thoughts long after the pages are closed.

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1 review for The Rain Girl

  1. Mahajoy Laufer

    Rain Girl is nostalgic, and beautiful and really brings you to another place, a kind of magic place. I couldn’t put it down, I kept wanting to read more and more because each poem was so different, and each one brought me right into a new world. I loved it!

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