The CP Aware Prize aims to bring recognition, reward and readership to literature that challenges prejudice. The awards will be presented annually with current sponsorship in place until 2025. Each year, the prizes will be awarded to work that in the opinion of the judges, widens the scope of the essential conversations taking place around the disregard for human rights and dignity.

The awardees will be those who, in the judge’s opinion, submitted work that speaks to or of the challenges faced by individuals or groups due to ethnicity, gender, faith, social class or caste, and work that addresses the absolute necessity to tear down the barriers that currently exist for so many.  

The winner will receive the CP Aware Award plus a publishing contract and a €300.00 advance on royalties. Their work will be produced, published and marketed by Chaffinch Press because the message carried in such work is a vital one and demands an audience.

The award is in two categories.


The CP Aware Prize for Poetry:

Find out more about the CP AWARE Poetry award.

Shortlist: Posted October 1, 2020

Daniel Wade
Sarah James
Rachel Burns
Ruth Aylett
Liz Dickenson

Winner: Sarah James with Blood Sugar, Sex, Magic. 


The CP Aware Prize for Fiction: 

 Find out more about the CP AWARE Fiction award.

Shortlist: Posted October 1, 2020

Hilary Chan
Alan Fyffe
Harvey Duke

Winner: Hilary Chan with Classroom Pilgrims